5 Ways to Look Just Like Kate Middleton Without Going Topless (PHOTOS)

Kylie McConville | Sep 19, 2012 Celebrities
5 Ways to Look Just Like Kate Middleton Without Going Topless (PHOTOS)

kate middletonWhat's British, beautiful, and royal all over? Kate Middleton. The wifey of Prince William has got it goin' on: Royalty, adorably charming husband, designers fawning over her every move, world's style icon. Her look is flawless, timeless, classic, and regal. Boobs scandal aside, there's not much to nitpick -- unless you're the type to bash perfection, in which case, have at it. After the Duchess of Cambridge's nuptials, the world saw a long-sleeved wedding dress revival. Double-dog dare you to name another woman who has that kind of influence ... That's right, you can't.

England's Queen-in-Training would never act like she's high above us plebes, but her five-figure wardrobe says it all. Ever wonder what you'd do with a closet like Kate's? You want her style and I know how to get it -- na na na na poo poo! Just kidding. I am totally gonna share. Take at look at these 5 tips for dressing like the royal fashion idol on a commoner's budget. All hail.

What do you think of Kate's fashion choices?

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  • Shop Kate's Blue Blazer


    Images via Splash News, Forever21


    A simple one-button blazer (Essential Notched Lapel Blazer from Forever21, $32.80) gives any wardrobe an added appeal. While blazers came back big time in the office and work environment, Kate made the style a staple for an everyday, on-the-go lifestyle.

  • Be Inspired by Kate's Paneled Tops


    Images via Splash News, Forever21


    I swoon for Kate's military pleated blouse. But since bold paneling (Contrast A-Line Top from Forever21, $22.80) is so hot this season, let's focus there. The thing these two tops have in common is that the eye-catching center line makes your torso look thin and trim. Tuck for sophisticated grace or leave it untucked for a comfortable, causal look.

  • Keep Warm With Kate's Patterned Coat


    Images via Splash News, ModCloth


    Can we credit the Princess for bringing back patterned coats? I am obsessed with the brown and black coloring (Carefully Chosen Coat from ModCloth, $99.99) and I think it's a must-have for the cooler months. Adding a waist-belt helps to give you shape.

  • Make Kate's Shoes Work for Every Season


    Images via Pool/Getty Images, ModCloth

    Granted, we're entering the chilly weather here in the states, but it doesn't mean we can't take a style cue from the princess. Covered-toe wedges (Home Again Heel from ModCloth, $79.99) help remedy your sole (get it?). Hidden toes keep out the cold and make the perfect transition from summer to fall.

  • Get Kate's Lace Look


    Images via Chris Jackson/Getty Images, Ruche


    I love Kate's soft yellow lace frock, but since we're on the expressway toward fall and winter, I'm opting for creamy neutrals instead. A sleeveless off-white shift (Twilight Hush Lace Dress In Cream by Tulle by Ruche, $59.99) gives you the option of accessorizing with a cardigan or blazer, or layering the look with an oversized sweater. Add tights and ta da! Beautiful.

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