New ‘Glee’ Spoilers Reveal Someone’s Having a Meltdown & We’re Gonna Love It (VIDEO)

'Glee' season 4

Oh Glee, how I've missed you. Nothing makes me happier than knowing the McKinley crew is back on FOX every Thursday. Well, except the fact that the Britney 2.0 episode is on the horizon this week. I don't know if anything can top "I'm a Slave for You" from season 2, but shoot, a lady can definitely hope. 

Exciting news, Gleeks! We have some of the dirty spoiler details from episode "Hold It Against Me" and lots more. What's in the future for Klaine? And who else is getting back together? Check it out:


Klaine is calling it quits: OK, so that hasn't 100 percent been confirmed yet. However, in a recent interview Darren Criss winks at the camera when saying that there's heartbreak in Blaine and Kurt's future. The wink tells it all.

Lea Michele is extremely flexible: Ha, not a spoiler per se. But shoot, did you see her "Oops I Did it Again" number? That girl has got some MOVES. This may be the hottest she's ever looked. Next to that time she did Brit's "Hit Me Baby One More time."

Artie and Sugar are back on: For me, Sugar was one of the funniest characters to watch last season. I'm excited to see her back and incorporated into the storyline some more. Artie and Sugar being together could mean a few epic dance numbers. I'd love to see her on roller skates or something.

Prepare for some Sheryl Crow: The song list from episode 3 has leaked, and it includes one of my all-time Crow favorites, "A Change Would Do You Good," which will be performed by Rachel and Brody. Other tracks? "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears performed by Blaine, "Mister Monotony" by Judy Garland performed by Sue and Will, and a mashup of Fred Astaire's "The Way You Look Tonight" and "Never Fully Dressed" from Annie.

Brittany's having a meltdown: Well, sort of. Apparently in this week's episode, Brit is going to be channeling Britney Spears during her shaved hair don't care phase. She's stressing about repeating senior year without Santana, and allegedly, it's going to make for a pretty comical episode. Brit going rogue? Yes, please.

Check out Britt's take on "Hold It Against Me," here:

What are you looking forward to the most?


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