'Gangnam Style' Flash Mob Totally Catches Psy by Surprise (VIDEO)

gangnam flash mob'South Korean pop-star Psy can't stop, won't stop. The 34-year-old dancer, singer, rapper, did I mention dancer?, was on hand at the Grove in L.A. yesterday paying a visit to masterminds Maria Menounos and Mario Lopez on the set of Extra when he got a little surprise. While teaching Maria/o to do the Gangnam Style, he was suddenly whisked away into the crowd where, unbeknownst to Psy, a bunch of people were waiting to show of their dance moves, as well. It was a flash mob, and Psy was totally swept up in a sea of strangers doing their best horse-riding impressions. Watch:


The fact that so many people were a part of this flash mob shows just how popular Psy is becoming. He's gaining fans by the minute because, come on, who doesn't love a pudgy guy in a blue sweater vest rapping in Korean?

Psy is the antithesis of what we've been programmed to idolize in our celebrities -- he's not especially good looking, nor buff, nor stylish -- but his charm, charisma, and fun-loving attitude have drawn us in. Psy's like the new Snooki, only with talent. Both represent the complete opposite of an Angelina Jolie or a Kate Middleton or a George Clooney, yet we can't seem to turn them away. Psy's got staying power.

Can't wait to see what he does next.

What do you think about Psy?


Photo via ExtraTV/YouTube

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