Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's 'Reunion' Comes Right on Time

robert pattinsonOh. Mah. Gah. People, arguably the most reliable of the gossip mags, is reporting that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are currently in the process of getting back together. Twi-hards rejoice! Supposedly, the pair met up in Los Angeles over the weekend, and trusty "insiders" of RPattz are letting it be known (to gossip sites) that "they think they'll be a couple again."

Aw, they're getting back together, guys. That's awesome! But, wait. They're getting back together now, guys? That's ... convenient. Maybe this whole thing was one big, fat publicity stunt? I mean, the timing couldn't be better -- as in the timing couldn't have been better with everything that went on in this break-up. I mean "break-up."


Yeah, yeah, you've heard the conspiracy theories before -- some with damn good evidence to back it up -- but here's one more for good measure.

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Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out in theaters, oh, a little less than two months from now. Now is the perfect time to start picking up the pieces of their "broken relationship". By the time November 16 rolls around, Rob and Kristen will be blissfully back in each other's arms, as they were meant to -- this, of course after weeks of "teasing" their reconciliation to fans. 

Let's think back for a moment, shall we. Okay, first we had the break-up. US Weekly shocked the world with this bombshell on July 25. That's good. That's four months until the release of their movie. That's just enough time to allow drama to unfold, and to pick up the pieces.

Then, shortly after that, Kristen issued a public apology for cheating. Kristen Stewart! One of the most private, awkward celebs out there! I mean, what celebrity does that? Especially one who's not married? That only brought more attention to the situation.

Then Kristen makes an appearance out in public, wearing Rob's shirt. Okay, more publicity?

And then -- this is the kicker -- both Kristen and Rob make red carpet appearances the same night, but in different locations. The media frenzy that followed!

All the details that keep emerging, and carefully orchestrated appearances, etc. lead me -- and many others -- to believe that this nonsense isn't real. And if that's the case, hat tip to Kristen for agreeing to be the fall guy in this scenario. And even bigger hat tip to Liberty Ross for being cool with her husband playing a role in this crazy game.

Do you think Rob and Kristen's break-up is real?

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