Lindsay Lohan Arrested for Hitting a Man With Her Car -- Put Her in Jail!

lindsay lohanHere we've been, talking about Amanda Bynes and her crazy driving all this time -- and how she should be thrown the book like Lindsay Lohan was thrown the book -- and then Lindsay Lohan goes and gets herself into an accident this morning. What are the odds?

At around 2:00 a.m., Lindsay Lohan was arrested for allegedly hitting a pedestrian with her Porsche -- and then fleeing the scene -- while she was driving around New York City. The guy she supposedly hit was in his 30s, and was hospitalized after the incident. The charge could be a violation of the probation she's currently on regarding theft charges, as the probation requires her to obey all these pesky little things called "laws." Lohan also is currently in the midst of an investigation for possibly lying to police earlier on this year about another car accident.

Um, I think it's time to put Lindsay -- and perhaps Amanda? -- in jail. Who else gets away with this shit?


According to TMZ, Lohan is telling friends that she had no idea she hit anyone, and it wasn't until she actually got arrested that she knew anything was even going on. She supposedly thinks she's being set up, and is calling the whole thing "really fishy" because the man didn't appear to have any visible injuries. She also is apparently going to fight this one to the death. (You do that, Linds.) However, other reports are saying that after the accident, a passenger in Lindsay's car got out and inspected the vehicle for damages.

Like everyone else, I've often wondered why the hell Lindsay doesn't just hire a g.d. driver? She may not be rich, as she reportedly pisses her money away, but she definitely can spare some change to employ someone to cart her ass around. Or she can ask a friend to drive. 

If this incident did happen, Lindsay's ass needs to be sent to jail -- and not because she needs to be "made an example of", because she's a menace to society. She allegedly hit a man! And then drove off! What the hell? Anyone else who did the things she's done -- DUIs, stealing, etc. -- would be in prison. Why should she be any different?

Do you think Lindsay Lohan should be put in jail?

Image via avrilllllla/Flickr

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