Kate Middleton Is All Buttoned Up During Awkward Moment With Topless Women (VIDEO)

kate middleton toplessPoor Kate Middleton. First she's photographed topless while on vacation with her husband and now Southeast Asia is just rubbing it in her face. Well, not so much rubbing it in her face as they are bouncing it in her face, but still -- Princess is getting a face full of fun bags just as her lawyers are mounting a case against photos of hers. Best part is, Kate's sly grins and giggles reveal that she's acutely aware of the irony.

There she is all buttoned up in that navy dress and that yellow dress while women from the Solomon Islands greet her bare-breasted. Think she just wanted to take her top off and join in the fun?


Because how awesome would that have been.

I just think it's kind of funny ha ha that Kate was welcomed by a culture that embraces toplessness while trying to punish her own that shuns it. I know, I know, it was an invasion of privacy, and Princess Di, and and and the paparazzi stuff and all of that, but you have to admit the timing of her trip couldn't have been better, or worse, depending how you look at things.

To me, the timing was perfect. It was a welcome reminder that breasts are only taboo because some of us make them taboo. The Palace has won their first round of litigation in Kate's topless photo-gate, meanwhile, she's getting an eyeful abroad.

Chalk this up to a thing that makes you go: hmm.

What do you think?


Photo via Reuters video

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