Kate Middleton’s Naked Photos Make Us Want to Wear Her Clothes Even More Now

kate middletonKate Middleton's topless photos have been all the rage over the last few days, but believe it or not, the Duchess has also made a splash recently with her clothes on. She and Prince William are touring Southeast Asia, and while meeting with the Singapore President and First Lady, Kate wore a white and purple Prabal Gurung dress. Gurung is from Singapore, so it all adds up nicely.

Now, while most of us were too busy clicking through endless slideshows to see Kate Middleton's pixely boobies, more sophisticated, style savvy individuals were snagging up Kate's Prabal dress at a steep, steep discount. Damn it bare princess breasts! We totally missed out. Because the dress, as it turns out, completely sold out in under an hour.


MyHabit, Amazon's off-price fashion shopping site, sold the Prabal dress for $599, over 60 percent off its sticker price of $1,995. Not only could you get a dress that Kate wore, you could get a dress that Kate wore for cheap, relatively speaking. Gah!

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The Duchess effect is clearly still ... in effect. Some 18 months after the royal wedding and Kate's clothes are still being nabbed up by feverish fans ready to pull the fashion trigger at a moment's notice. To be honest, I don't even think the dress is that pretty, but the fact that it was good enough for Kate makes me somehow covet it more than I normally would. Mrs. Prince William can make us want to buy dresses that aren't even that pretty. Now that's influence.

Between her topless photos and her continued reign over all things fashion, designers will be clamouring now more than ever to dress her in their wares. Her star, as far as I can tell, is just beginning to rise.

Would you buy Kate's Prabal Gurung dress?


Photo via Chris Jackson/Getty

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