Jennifer Aniston Debuts Her 'Pregnant' Belly Before the Paparazzi Can

jennifer anistonWe can all die happily, because Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. Hugely pregnant. And she's showing off her gorgeous, glowing bump with pride. No more big, concealing coats; no more surreptitiously sipping water with lime at Hollywood parties; no more deny, deny, denying it to the press. Jen is bumping it up these days and proud. I am pregnant, hear me roar! she's saying. To herself. Probably not. But doesn't she look fantastic? I bet you never thought you'd see the day, huh? It's like laying your eyes on a unicorn or a yeti or the chupacabra.


Or Jen's just taking part in a hilarious, brilliant, poke-fun-at-herself ad campaign for Smartwater. Ha HA! Tricked you! After they tricked me!

I think it's great when celebs poke fun at all the gossip that surrounds them. You have to have a sense of humor in Hollywood these days -- even if you're a bajillionaire like Jen -- because the celeb rumor mill does. Not. Stop. How many times have we read stories reporting that Jen is pregnant (with twins!)? Hell, a week before Jen and Justin Theroux got engaged, I saw on the cover of a magazine that said they broke up!

We need to get more celebs in on the whole making fun of themselves thing, though. Really, there just aren't enough, and it never gets old. And speaking of old, remember when Demi Moore poked fun at her and Ashton's age difference on Saturday Night Live a few years ago? That was hilarious. We need more of that. 

Ooh, we can get John Travolta to "act gay" in something -- a cameo or whatever. Lindsay Lohan to become the spokesperson for "sugar" (if you know what I'm saying). And Kate Middleton can become the new face of bras or, hell, shirts. It'll be great. Just some tongue-in-cheek, wink-to-the-camera joviality. Good times, guys.

Check out Jen's new commercial:

Do you think this it's funny when celebrities poke fun at themselves?

Image via drinksmartwater/YouTube

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