Kristen Stewart Does Not Need to Worry About Rupert Sanders' Children

Kstew CheatWhen Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders had their affair, they hurt a whole lot of people besides just their significant others. Now, word on the street is that Kristen is racked with guilt over what happened to Sanders' two young children. Hmmm. Here's an idea: maybe DON'T cheat when there are kids involved.

Seriously, the truth about affairs is that when a married person has one, not only do they hurt their spouse, they also hurt the whole family. Any man who cheats and feels fine about what he is doing to his wife ought to look at his kids and think again.

Still, that is not Kristen's problem. That is all on Rupert.


We live with such a blame the woman mentality in this culture. No matter what happened, somehow it's the woman who is at fault. That isn't always true. In this case, Kristen wasn't the married one. Sure, she was committed, but she has no kids. She has no husband.

Rupert Sanders is the father of these kids and what he did to them is his own fault. KStew needs to worry more about her own life.

The fact is, when a person cheats, their entire family is the victim. It sort of makes cheating seem a little less alluring, no? What kind of person would purposely hurt or break up the family of a little child? But see, Stewart didn't do that. Sanders did.

The guilt makes sense. It shows she has a conscience. But the guilt isn't hers. As for men (and women) who cheat when they have kids, it's a very simple thing not to do. And yes, cheating hurts the kids. It hurts them terribly.

Anyone who believes otherwise is just fooling themselves.

Do you think KStew should feel bad?


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