KStew & RPattz Are So Done They Can't Even Fly in the Same Plane Together

kstew rpatzWe just heard that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are getting back together, but if this next little tidbit turns out to be true, then there's no way those two have reconciled. According to Perez Hilton, Summit Entertainment, the company behind the Twilight franchise, is flying their Robert on a private plane to all his Breaking Dawn II promotional obligations while Kristen has been relegated to flying first class on commercial airlines. Ouch.

Summit has spoken, and they're Team Edward. But why is Kristen just rolling over and taking this? She's Bella, bitches, and she doesn't fly commercial.


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Or at least, she shouldn't have to. The source claims that Summit sees KStew as a "wild card" and as a liability to the Breaking Dawn cause. They don't want Kristen and Robert to have some sort of public meltdown at some airport, so off KStew goes. Off she goes to fly with the public like the rest of us peons. Off she goes to accept her punishment for getting it on with Rupert Sanders. Off she goes to select the Fish or the Beef dinner on a red-eye to London. Off, off she goes while Robert flies the oh-so-friendly skies by himself, and sips champagne cuz he's thirstay.

It's a cruel world for Kristen right now, made even crueler by the fact that her employer is siding with her ex-boyfriend. Could you imagine if you cheated on your b.f., and your boss made you sit in the corner at work? Something doesn't feel right about this, Kristen shouldn't be treated any differently than Rob because of what happened in their personal lives.

That said, flying two stars on two separate private jets to the same place sounds a little absurd. The carbon footprint on that would be insane. Since they're not getting back together, I guess someone had to get the boot from the jet -- but couldn't they take turns?

Poor Bella. First class never sounded so horrible.

What do you think?


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