Someone Please Shake Kris Jenner & Tell Her She's a Grandmother

Kris Jenner horrible fashionKris Jenner is straight up delusional. I can get over the whole getting breast implants on national television thing and can't blame her at ALL for that whole Today mix-up. However, woman's got some issues that need to be addressed as of ... last week. Style issues, that is.

The momager stepped out to Scott Disick's New York City restaurant last week wearing a dress that looked like a trash bag. See her there? Working it wearing that short, leather and lace, pleated skirt number? This looks like something that Kanye West would pick out for Kim Kardashian, and everyone would think, WTF?!

I imagine what's going on inside 56-year-old Kris's head right now. I look bomb in this dress. I bet Lance is wondering if he's still attracted to women. Bruce, stop drooling in the corner. No one my age pulls off pleather like I can do. I'm the QUEEN OF THE WORLD.

Let's talk about a little term called age appropriate. Ahem. 


It's not just this dress, it's, like, everything the woman puts on lately. Just the other day she channeled her inner Minnie Mouse with a dress touting a bow bigger than life. Then there's this leather number. And oh, remember that pink schoolgirl look? And oh god, her wearing those leopard-print booties. I really just can't even handle it.

I get it. Her daughters are arguably at the center of the fashion universe, and people everywhere are copying their every move. The difference, though, is that Kris did not just turn 30. She's a loving mom to six kids of her own (and a GRANDMA to two!) and with that awesome title generally comes a more mature sense of style

And for the record -- I'm not saying someone Kris' age can't wear leather. Yes, you can, just in a different way and definitely NOT combined with that amount of lace and pleating. A straight skirt with a long sleeve sheer blouse? Go for it. A structured top with a pair of great jeans? L'chaim.

I'm sorry, Kris, I didn't want to be this harsh on you. The next time you're prepping for an appearance, just please please ask yourself: Is this something Kim would wear? If the answer is yes -- then I'd say skip it.

What do you think of Kris Jenner's young sense of style? Do you think she's getting carried away?

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Image via Splash News

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