Kate Middleton Nude Photos May End Up On Porn Site

will and kateThere is an outrageous disgusting development in the latest Kate Middleton, topless photos, scandal. TMZ is reporting this morning that the French magazine, Closer, was offered a financially enticing opportunity to give the photo rights away. If they accept then the images, which are already set to be published in Italian magazine, Chi, next week, will be headed for a porn site. Does this make anyone else feel ill?


TMZ has actually published the letter that was sent from YouPorn.com to Closer where YouPorn formally requests to buy the very revealing pictures of Will and Kate's holiday. 

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The letter itself makes my skin crawl. In it, YouPorn Marketing Director, Cory Price, says:

Ms. Pieau, you have stated that you are currently in possession of "intimate footage" of the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton and Prince William that you are not going to show at this time. We'd like to make an offer on this footage since we believe this is an incredibly newsworthy story, and we are already being slammed with emails from our site's loyal visitors begging us to make an offer.

Newsworthy? Really? How is seeing someone undressed -- future Queen of England or not -- newsworthy?

Sleazeball Price goes on to say that they have an "open checkbook" and are much better equipped to deal with the legal actions that the owner of these photos will most certainly face. 

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Blech... There will be legal action because what they are doing is wrong! Have everyone's morals gone in the crapper? And really, for all of those people making the argument (and there are a lot of them) that it's not really a big deal because it's only some nipple and boob showing -- it's a big deal because the two of them were at a secluded location on vacation. They had every right to believe they could not be seen. This photographer is no different than someone zooming in on a couple having sex in their bedroom with the door closed -- but the blinds not fully drawn.

Do you think it is wrong if these photos make their way to a porn site -- or do you think it's just not that big of a deal?


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