More Topless Kate Middleton Photos Are On The Way (VIDEO)

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It seems there may be more scandalous photos of Kate Middleton on the way. Images that might even be more intimate and revealing than the ones recently published in the French magazine Closer -- which showed a topless Duchess. I'll bet that there are going to be a whole slew of people willing to pay to see them ... and it seems as though the editor of an Italian gossip magazine is taking the same bet!


TMZ says that next week Chi magazine will publish a 26-page spread of photos from Will and Kate's vacation in France with the headline, "The Queen is Nude." And since the editor of Closer has stated that there were even more intimate photos that they chose not to run, it's likely those are the images Chi snapped up. I think it is pretty safe to say these won't be pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge prancing around playing cricket. Well, she might be prancing. Maybe it'll be a game of strip cricket?

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All kidding aside -- this is completely appalling. The location they were staying in gave the royal couple every reason to believe they were free to just be themselves. To act like a "normal" couple for a few days. I understand that Kate signed up for this public life but there has to be a limit. We don't need to see these types of photos!

I honestly feel really bad for Kate. How on earth is she going to deal with the inevitable next step of having kids and trying to raise a family? It is one thing to be in the public life when all you need to protect is yourself -- it is entirely another to have stalking paparazzi with ridiculously powered lenses finding ways into exceptionally private moments -- especially when there are kids involved.


Would you pay to see the 26-page spread of pictures from Will and Kate's vacation?

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