Kate Middleton's Nude Photo Scandal Is So Much Worse Than Prince Harry's (VIDEO)

kate middletonThe Duchess of Cambridge's got it all -- the fame, the fancy clothes, the real-life dashing Prince for a husband ... Most days, it's easy to wish you were Kate Middleton. But not today. Today is a dark day for Kate and Wills, thanks to a bold-as-hell French tabloid, Closer. The publication clearly had no qualms about publishing very candid paparazzi shots of Kate sunbathing topless on the private property of Lord Linley's French chateau. It's an utter scandal ... just like what happened when Prince Harry was caught running around in the buff in Las Vegas last month, right? 

WRONG! Of course both incidents are making the Queen's hair stand on end, but lumping them together as the very same thing is completely ridiculous. And yet, since the Kate story broke, the comparison has been cropping up all over.


Sure, both incidents involve media outlets feeling they were well within their rights to publish naked pics of the young royals, and whether or not they were right to do that in either instance is up for debate. But there's a key, obvious, and crucial differences between the two scandals ... Harry brought his shameful scandal upon himself! As The Sun noted:

We believe Harry has compromised his own privacy. These are not pictures of him and a girlfriend at Balmoral. The Prince was in Vegas, the party capital of a country with strong freedom-of-speech laws, frolicking in the pool before inviting strangers to his hotel room for a game of strip billiards.

On the other hand, Kate and William did absolutely nothing to compromise their own privacy. They were on private property when the shots were taken and likely had no clue that they were at risk of being photographed. It's SUCH a "grotesque," "unjustifiable" (as it's been called) invasion of privacy. Not to mention that it's downright eerie, especially considering how the paparazzi used to terrorize Princess Diana -- something Wills is trying so hard to protect Kate from.

Ugh. Can you imagine what it must feel like to think your privacy might always be compromised in this creepy way? My heart really goes out to Wills and Kate. But to party boy Harry? Sorry, not so much.

Here's a fantastic Reuters report that breaks down the scandal ...

Do you agree Harry was totally to blame for his scandal, whereas Kate was clearly not?

Image via Reuters/5MinuteMedia

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