Amanda Bynes Won't Stop Crashing Into Things Until We Lock Her Up

Amanda BynesFor the love of Henry Ford, I've got some very frightening news. Amanda Bynes apparently has some rare disease that makes her drive a car no matter what. No matter that her license is suspended. No matter that she has a gazillion moving violations. No matter that she cannot seem to even look at a car without it veering into another car. She cannot stop driving!!! In fact, she has been tragically diagnosed with Driverhantus Virus. And the only ones who suffer are other drivers. Last night, Amanda's horrible disease got her into trouble yet again.


Amanda, who used to be known for her acting but now is primarily known for her driving adventures, is up to her old car tricks again. But first, let's recap:

Amanda has a long series of driving violations dating back to April, including three hit-and-runs and one DUI. But a few days ago, she was stopped by a cop after driving without lights. Oh, she was lightin' up all right, my friends, but just in the wrong place. Because despite having a suspended license, on Tuesday, she was spotted tooling all over town, stopping to take puffs of medicinal Driverhantus Virus herb out of a pipe. On Wednesday, a judge put his robes down and told Amanda to stop -- for the love of all that has four wheels -- STOP driving!!!

But this is Amanda Bynes we're talkin' about. She's got Driverhantus Virus. She ... cannot ... will not ... stop ... driiiiiiiving.

And now last night, Amanda was photographed -- still driving! -- as she "love tapped" another car's bumper. Amanda and the other driver both went their ways without exchanging info. Perhaps the driver was terrified and just wanted to get away from the combination of Amanda and four wheels immediately!

The odd thing about all of this? I mean, besides the fact that Amanda is still on the road long after you or I would be in JAIL for continuing to drive with a suspended license? Amanda knows she's being followed by the paparazzi. They're stalking every tool around town, every fender bender, every wacky wheel time. And yet she still gets in the car.

Driverhantus Virus. Someday we may find a cure. But until then, look left, right, and left again ... for Amanda Bynes might be in a car near you. Too near you, if you know what I mean.

Can you believe Amanda is still driving?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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