Kate Middleton Has the Perfect Thing to Wear During a Nude Photo Scandal (VIDEO)

kate middletonWhat does one wear whilst in the midst of a nude photo scandal? An ice-blue and white lace dress with to-die-for sleeves by Alice Temperly, apparently. The Duchess of Cambridge looked absolutely stunning, and classy as ever, as she "braved the crowds" after topless photos of her "on holiday" were published.

Not sure if this is what Catherine was always planning on wearing for the Diamond Jubilee tea party in Kuala Lumpur, but there isn't an dress out there -- or a hairstyle (do you see those little pearls) -- that would have been a better choice.


Kate looks conservative -- which probably isn't a bad idea right now -- but still stylish and playful in her choice. And let's be honest, the light colors of the dress go perfectly with that gorgeous tan she got while sunbathing with her tatas out. As usual, her makeup is flawless. (Does she really do it herself? Come on.)

I've gotta say, not so sure I'd be able to fare as well as Kate is while undergoing something so private and invasive. She really looks so poised and elegant in this photo -- the dress and hair certainly don't hurt; and those diamond earrings? Yes, please! Overall, she's really carrying herself beautifully at this event. I guess they don't call her the Duchess for nothin'. Hang in there, Kate!

Check out a video on what's going on with Kate and these ridiculous photos.

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Image via Pool/Getty

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