Kristen Stewart Says 'Breaking Dawn 2' Has Surprise Ending & Here's What You Might See (VIDEO)

breaking dawn part 2Okay, enough of the Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson cheating drama -- can we please get back to the reason why we care about these guys in the first place -- Twilight! Or, more specifically, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, which is -- omg!!! -- only a couple of months away now!! And according to KStew, even those of us who've read all the books and know what to expect, theoretically, are in for a shock: "I hope not everyone knows exactly how that goes down. I think maybe they do, but even if you do know what happens, the end throws you for a loop, even if you're expecting it," she says.

Hang on, hang on. Does KStew mean the end of the movie is going to be different than the end of the book? You DO know how the book ends, right? Because if you don't, you might want to stop reading RIGHT NOW. Okay? Here's your SPOILER ALERT, people, and I ain't kidding.


Okay, you were warned! So here's the thing: If Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is faithful to the book, then we can expect Bella to use her secret force field talent thing-y against the Volturi and Alice to show up with the grown-up vampire/human hybrid guy to prove Renesmee isn't going to turn into some crazy threat as an adult and Bella to finally figure out how to let Edward see her thoughts ... and for Jacob to hang out patiently and wait for Renesmee to grow up, cause, not like he had anything better to do anyway. So what could possibly happen in that final shocking scene KStew is talking about?

1. A flash-forward of Jacob and a non-jail bait version of Renesmee gettin' it on.

2. A secret kiss between Bella and Jasper ... maybe against a fence (heh-heh, just kidding).

3. A flash-forward of Charlie and Sue Clearwater in a retirement home, gettin' it on.

4. A secret kiss between Alice and Edward ... oh no, wait, they're brother and sister. Sorta. Never mind.

Ack, I just don't know! Kristen Stewart also promised that the last moments of the movie franchise would be "so good" and "really weird." What can she possibly mean? Have you seen the latest trailer? Check this out:

How do you think Breaking Dawn: Part 2 will end?


Image via OfficialTwilightFilm/YouTube

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