Christina Aguilera's New Single Makes Us Say 'Britney Spears, Who?' (VIDEOS)

Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera With Christina Aguilera reppin' The Voice and Britney Spears giving out brutally honest critiques on X Factor, the battle of the former Mouseketeers is in full force lately. Today, though, Christina stepped her game up. The former pop princess released her new single "Your Body," and let me tell you, it's pretty phenomenal.

Growing up, I was team Britney Spears. It wasn't that I didn't like Christina Aguilera. But Britney, she just had this aura, this essence of sexiness, and heck, she also had Justin Timberlake. With Aguilera's fun new single, though, and her success on The Voice, I'm beginning to wonder if the older, more mature me is changing teams.

Thus, I think it's time for a full-on diva battle. Let's break it down, starting with whose TV show reigns supreme.


Round 1 -- Best TV show: I just can't help it: I will always think of X Factor as a less cool American Idol. When comparing the two divas' judging personalities, Brit's got a sharp tongue while Christina is generally more soft. In terms of overall show preference, I like how the contestants on The Voice are pre-screened, meaning we're watching more actual talent at home. Because of that, this round goes to Christina and The Voice.

Round 2 -- Best comeback single: Nothing will ever compete with the "Genie in a Bottle" vs. "Hit Me Baby One More Time" beats, but that doesn't mean these older, more mature women can't try. First, let's listen to Christina's new single, "Your Body":

... and here's Brit's from last year, "3":

Brit's "3" is something I could dance to for hours, but beats don't beat pure vocal talents. Aguilera could sing "Hot Cross Buns" and I would get goosebumps. Round 2, Christina.

Round 3 -- Best overall look: No discussion: Britney takes the cake. Ever since Simon told Brit to clean up her act, she's been looking fiiiiine. Plus, I don't think I've EVER seen a style comeback like hers. I mean, come on -- shaved head one day, long flowing blonde hair and hot pink dress to match the next? Sorry Christina, round 3 is to Spears.

So there it is, folks, Christina for the win. Granted, we still have a full season of reality TV to watch to make a final conclusion. Something tells me, though, that the second an opportunity for a live performance comes into play -- Christina's going to solidify the title.

Are you on Team Britney or Team Christina?


Image via EuPaparazzi, nickstep/Flickr

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