Kim Kardashian Exposes Too Much in Sexy Bra and Boa (PHOTO)

kim kardashianDo you guys wanna see Kim Kardashian's nipple? Of course you do! And she wants to show it to you. Don't worry, she hasn't released another sex tape (though, is anyone else wondering when Kris Humphries is going to drop that bomb?), but she did tweet a photo of herself draped over a glass table wearing see-through flesh-tone lingerie, a fur wrap, and pearls. The 31-year-old reality star wished everyone "sweet dreams" in the caption, but if you ask me, this photo is more of a living nightmare.

I see London, I see France, I see Kimmy's underpants and areola and I'm starting to wonder if she's officially lost her mind. Because, believe it or not, there was a time not too long ago where I thought she'd turned a corner.


Earlier this summer, Kim posted a bunch of bikini shots, but there was something refreshing and almost inspirational about them. They weren't Photoshopped, they weren't over-produced, and in most cases, they were downright gorgeous. They showed a softer side of Kim, a real side, that made her relatable like she never had been before.

Not because we could all look at her body and see ourselves (we wish!), but because a lot of us could appreciate her natural beauty, and her desire to show the world her "flaws" in un-retouched photos. It was novel. And it was a welcome change.

Now? Well, we're back to square one with this pic. Never has Kim been shy about getting attention (even those natural bikini pics, as refreshing as they were, were still screaming look at me! look at me!), but this photo is anything but natural. Well, I take that back. Nipples are natural, but still.

I thought Kim's pointless, self-aggrandising, sexy photos without a message were a thing of the past, but they're not. Silly me! Kim wants us to see her nip, and so, there it is. Hello!

What do you think of this pic?


Photo via KimKardashian/Twitter

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