Kristen Stewart Better Get Used to Seeing Robert Pattinson With Other Women (VIDEO)

robert pattinson kristen stewartContrary to rumors that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have already reunited and are keeping it hush-hush for the time being, they may not be quite there yet, according to Radar Online's sources. Allegedly, "Kristen is clinging onto the belief that Robert will eventually forgive her for the cheating scandal, and they will get back together. She doesn't want to even picture the idea of Robert meeting someone else, despite her recent flirtation with James Franco, because it fills her with dread."

Well, yeah ... the idea of someone you love being with someone else is pretty much the most gut-wrenching thing you could possibly think of/see/attempt to wrap your head around! If the cheating scandal actually wasn't a completely scripted publicity stunt, then Kristen put Rob through the exact same thing that she herself is dreading. Not to mention that, uh, flirting with James Franco isn't exactly helping her case, either! Karma's rough, huh, KStew?


Alright, yes, we know she knows she hurt Rob (that is, assuming she really did do what she publicly apologized for doing) ... But it's kinda ironic that she's so freaked about seeing him move on.

Just goes to show that when it comes to cheating -- or making ANY questionable move where your relationship is involved -- it doesn't hurt to put yourself in your partner's shoes, consider their emotions,  basically, follow the Golden Rule. If both parties are actually totally cool with the other engaging in a certain activity -- like chatting with exes online or flirting with a stranger at a bar or, I dunno, making out with your director in a car? -- it's one thing. If not ... probably best to not go there.

But, of course, people do anyway. All the time. Why? Maybe because life isn't "crazy" enough for them (as Kristen Stewart famously said just before all hell broke loose). And yet, what's the point of being in a committed, adult, long-term relationship if you're not going to  treat your partner the way you would wish to be treated?

But hey, maybe Kristen's learned her lesson now. (Despite the whole James Franco thing ... Pfft! Maybe they weren't even really flirting?) After all, there's nothing like being distraught about your longtime love possibly hooking up with another leading lady to make you seriously rethink your strayin' ways!

Check out this video for more on "Kristen's worst nightmare" ...


Do you think Rob will move on with someone else, get back together with Kristen, is already back together with Kristen -- or none of the above?

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