Kate Middleton Is ‘Embarrassed’ by Pippa for a Ridiculous Reason

kate and pippa middletonSo, there's this rumor going 'round. 'Bout the Duchess. Peeps be saying that Kate Middleton, who is, after all, the future Queen of England, is pissed at her sister Pippa for frolicking around New York last week, doing things like dining with much older men and watching tennis like a damn uncouth heathen out of fear that -- psst! -- she's making her look bad!

I'd like to go on record as saying that I seriously doubt this rumor is true, as we all know that Kate Middleton only gets pissed at one person (herself), and for one reason only (when she notices flyaways sticking out of her updo when she uses the restroom during an event). But if it is, I think Kate oughta cut her sister some slack for being a well-to-do, in-demand It-girl. I mean, her brother-in-law was just photographed cupping his genitals.


As the royal bible, Life & Style, states it: "Pippa has been spotted clubbing and juggling up to four different men in four days. Kate is worried that Pippa’s partying will embarrass her as Harry embarrassed William, but Kate needn’t worry, as Harry set the freckled bar so high that Pippa is in no danger of topping it."

True, Life & Style, true. But also, Harry is royalty, Pippa isn't. I understand the need/want/recommendation that Pippa "be on her best behavior" since she is, whether she likes it or not, sort of representing Kate. But, at the same time, she didn't ask to be in this position; she just happens to be. And save for that one silly little incident where she was riding in a car with a man who was pointing a gun at the paparazzi, Pippa's behavior has been fairly innocuous, what with her walking to work holding a coffee and all.

Like I said, I highly doubt there's much truth to this story, but if there is, I say lay off little sis a bit, Duchess C. She's just being a kid. And, hey, you're the one who married a prince, so give her a break, eh?

Profound question: Do you think Pippa would ever embarrass Kate?

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