Hey, Jake Gyllenhaal Deserves a Crack at Playing Christian Grey!

jake gyllenhaalHe may be the target of Taylor Swift's ire these days, but hey, Jake Gyllenhaal has a fan in Fran Drescher! The famously funny Nanny, whose most recent gig was voice-acting in Hotel Transylvania, is admittedly completely obsessed with Fifty Shades of Grey. And therefore, just like many of us, she has her own personal favorite in mind to play Christian in the forthcoming Fifty flick. And that would be "sexy" Jakey. 

Fran told CNN, "They say that he's got copper hair and gray eyes, but if I had to pick someone, I would probably cast Jake Gyllenhaal. I think he's kind of the right age and very sexy and he's got a good body and, you know, the guy is like in his 20s, but he's so powerful and rich and dominant." Right! OMG. How come no one's thought of this before?!


As Fran notes, it's not like Jake is that far off age-wise -- he's only 31, same as Ryan Gosling, who was recently rumored to have already snagged the role. And both of them are younger than another fan favorite for the part: Ian Somerhalder, who is 33. 

Like Fran, I could totally see Jake as Christian! He's got the looks and the skills. Need further proof? He's smoldered in sexy flicks before (Love and Other Drugs anyone?). He's no stranger to playing a dramatic, romantic lead (hello, Brokeback Mountain!). Plus, he could get tips on bringing BDSM to the big screen from sis Maggie who was THE Secretary to the original Mr. Grey -- dominant E. Edward Grey, played by James Spader. And, of course, like Ryan Gosling, he'd definitely up the flick's ante for critical acclaim.

Sigh, doubt it'll happen. For some reason (could Brokeback be to blame? Naaahh!), I'd venture to guess he's just not on the casting directors' radars. That's alright, though. I still say they're better off going with an unknown. Or, hey girl ... Ryan Gosling!

Could you see Jake Gyllenhaal as Christian Grey?


Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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