You Guuuyyys, Justin Bieber Is Sad & Feels Bullied!

justin bieberYou guysssssss, Justin Bieber's feelings are hurt. When he comes up for air after swimming in a pool full of gold coins, he's harassed by the paparazzi, and it makes him feel all frowny-faced and sad. He's a person, too, you know? He has feelings. And boundaries. And he doesn't like it when you say his mama is ugly. 

In Bieber's book (yeah, he wrote a book, it's coming out soon and it's called Just Getting Started), he laments the paparazzi. They are, like, so mean. And Justin just doesn't understand why. Here's what J.B. wrote:


Whenever you see me getting angry or upset in the media what you don't get to see on camera is how those people came up to me and said things like, "Hey Justin, why are you such a punk lately?", "Your mom is ugly", and, "Your little brother and sister are ugly babies."

... And if they aren't going after my family, they're coming after me, swearing, saying the most horrible things ever, even calling me white trash -- which is kind compared to the other things they've thrown at me. Nice -- not.

Nice -- not, is right. Well said, m'friend.

I feel bad for the kid, kind of, but at the same time, it's sort of hard to have sympathy for someone who's hating the players, and not the game. Fame is 100 percent a game. Publicists coach young stars how to play, and everyone has their role. If Justin's so unhappy with the harassment, he needs to step up his level of performance.

Magazines and blogs pay for photos of celebs -- if Bieber doesn't want to change the way he lives his life and continues to be an easy target for paparazzi, then he could pay the magazines and the blogs to not publish the photos that were taken of him, living said life. I hear that's what Taylor Swift does -- makes sense, too, since we haven't seen a photo of her with so much as a hair out of place.

It's never appropriate to yell hateful things at someone, but maybe as Justin gets older, he'll learn to let those things roll off his back. In the meantime, though, he shouldn't resent the mean photogs for their success in a flawed system; he should consider the situation that causes it and try to fix that, first.

Do you feel bad for The Biebs?


Photo via ILoveJB123/Flickr

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