Old Kate Winslet 'Titanic' Screen Test Reveals Leonardo DiCaprio Wasn't the Only Jack (VIDEO)

titanicIt's hard to imagine the classic late-'90s film, Titanic, with anyone other than Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, but it almost never was. Okay, maybe not really, as he was probably always the frontrunner, but an adorable clip of a super-young Kate Winslet's screen test has just bubbled to the top of the Internet -- and it not only shows a completely cut storyline, it shows Kate reading lines with ... Jeremy Sisto from Suburgatory

I've loved Jeremy Sisto ever since he played Elton in Clueless ("I can't find my Cranberries CD. I gotta go to the quad before anyone snags it." So '90s.), but I think we're all happy James Cameron wound up going with Leo for this role -- that is, "all" except Jeremy Sisto. Check out the adorable clip for a stroll down memory lane -- and to see how much Kate has changed!



Titanic would have been way different were Sisto to have played Jack Dawson. Like I said, I like him (maybe even have a small crush on him), but in this clip, he really doesn't hold a candle to Kate's acting chops. He seems kind of like he's reciting lines, while she seems so natural. And, dude. Seriously. How can Leo and Kate have not done Titanic together? Those two were Hollywood magic personified. Titanic, partly thanks to Leo and Kate, was my generation's The Way We Were. With lots of CGI.

In the end, everything worked out for everyone, though. Kate's an Oscar-winning movie star; Leo's one of the most respected actors in Hollywood; and Sisto is playing the dad in an ABC sitcom. Same difference.

Iceberg! Right ahead! Sorry, needed to get that in, but couldn't find an organic way to do so. You're welcome.

Do you think Titanic would have been better without Leo?


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