Amber Portwood Will Film New MTV Special ... From JAIL?

Amber PortwoodLeave it to Teen Mom Amber Portwood to overshadow her castmates' special with Dr. Drew in a big way. She may not have been able to attend the reunion special, but she may have something bigger up her sleeve -- a jailhouse "where are they now" interview! Hello, yes, please!

Amber, who is said to be thriving in jail by losing weight and singing in the jail choir, wants to tell her side of things and may be able to as it turns out.

It sounds like her jail sentence may even be reduced for good behavior, and when she IS released, she wants to use her fame (infamy?) to help teen moms like her. It's a lot of good news from Portwood who was often seen as Teen Mom's most tragic case.


One thing we always forget, though, is that Portwood is young. She is only in her early 20s. She has plenty of room to grow and change and mature. She thought she could do that in prison. Maybe she can.

As a viewer, I have to admit, a part of me is always pulling for Amber. She may come across as reactive and sometimes overly emotional, but hey, so am I. Who am I to judge?

She also has a heart full of love for her daughter and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see it. Unlike some of the other drama mamas (Jenelle Evans, I am looking at you), I believe Amber wants to improve. I believe she wants to get better. And I believe she will.

So if she uses her public platform to help others, then I say why not? She is in jail because of choices she made and she owns that. Hell, she asked to be there.

That is commendable. My money is on Amber and I would watch her in her orange jumpsuit any day!

Do you think a jailhouse interview is a bad idea?


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