Kris Humphries Should Be PROUD of His 'Walk of Shame' (VIDEO)

Kris HumphriesKris Humphries has been in the news almost non-stop since his highly publicized marriage and quickie divorce to Kim Kardashian. The latest is that he was caught by TMZ doing the "walk of shame" after a hookup with his "just friend" Myla Sinanaj. But I say, so what?

Take off your hoodie and look proud, Kris! There is no shame in your game! People are allowed to hook up. It's healthy and normal. Even in college I hated that whole concept of "the walk of shame." What is so shameful about getting it on?

See below:



The whole concept of the walk of shame is so outdated anyway. Random hookups are kind of the norm with single people. It's OK. And these two aren't random! Why is that shameful?

Sure, it's funny to see a woman stumble home at 10 a.m. still wearing her party dress from the night before with her makeup smeared and her hair a mess. It's funny seeing two celebs try to play it off all incognito, hoodies pulled tightly around their heads.

But let's face it: Two consenting adults having sex isn't news. It's life. It happens all the time. And by saying it's somehow worthy of humiliation or "shame," it makes people, especially women, feel badly about themselves. 

If two people who are over 18 choose to spend the night together and not call it a relationship or get engaged, then fine. Who are we to judge whether that is bad or good? Maybe the two people have some kind of agreement. Hopefully they use condoms. But no matter what, it isn't our business and not our place to judge.

No one would advocate random sex every day. But once in a while, a hookup with someone when you are unmarried and single is perfectly fine.

Why is this news?

Do you believe in the "walk of shame"?


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