Tom Hanks Honors Michael Clarke Duncan’s Memory With Hilarious 'Gangs & Moms' Story (VIDEO)

Tom Hanks speaks at Michael Clarke Duncan's funeralTom Hanks is a man that I'd want to be friends with. He's so genuine, appreciates his fans and their humor, and well come on -- he's Woody from Toy Story! The lovable actor gave an amazing speech at Michael Clarke Duncan's memorial service on Monday, surrounded by other big names including Jay Leno, Holly Robinson Peete, Loretta Devine, Stevie Wonder, and of course -- Duncan's other friends and family.

Hanks, who co-starred with Duncan in The Green Mile, told of a time that Duncan decided he wanted to be in a gang. When he came home donning the gang's signature "symbol," his mom casually hit him over the head with a frying pan, then made him go back and "un-join."

I can't even imagine! Alone, that story sounds hilarious, but watching Hanks tell it and laugh with tears in his eyes, well, it brought me to tears, too.

This is a must-see. Watch Hanks' touching (and hilarious!) tribute to Duncan, here:


Seriously, how fantastic was that? His impression of Duncan at times is just so spot on. It brings me straight back to his John Coffey, The Green Mile days. And his tears at the end! You can tell that Hanks really valued his friendship with the late actor.

This is totally what memorial services should be like, always. Remembering the good things about a person. Sure, sadness, well, that comes naturally. It's OK to cry. But watching Hanks commemorate Duncan by sharing a funny story he told him once, it really does warm my heart.

What did you think of Hanks' funny story at Michael Clarke Duncan's memorial service?


Image via CNN/YouTube

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