Robert Pattinson Decides to Stand by Kristen Stewart & He's Already Taking Heat for It

Robert Pattinson & Kristen StewartIf we already didn't see him as a gem-of-a-guy, now Robert Pattinson has agreed to walk the red carpet with Kristen Stewart, proving he's not only a class act, but he's incredibly compassionate and forgiving as well.

Of course, some are already seeing a hidden motive behind his decision to make nice and act like things are hunky-dory with Kristen. One source says, "It’s a purely business decision. He’s keen to make sure fans and Hollywood see he can be professional when it comes to Kristen."

And that may be true, but you have to admit, it takes some serious self control and discipline to not only walk the red carpet next to the person who broke your heart -- but also to smile for the cameras and act like everything's water under the bridge.


And regardless of why Rob has decided to let bygones be bygones and share the red carpet with Kristen, it's definitely a genius move on his part as far as maintaining his loyal fan base goes. Everyone has been so supportive of him ever since the news of Kristen's cheating broke, and he handled the scandal with such amazing class and dignity.

By being willing to walk the red carpet with her despite everything that happened, he's showing that he isn't the type to hold a grudge, and he also isn't big on publicly embarrassing someone who meant the world to him. This honorable gesture is only going to make fans fall more in love with him, because he's obviously proving that maintaining his character is a whole lot more important than stroking his bruised ego. He deserves a major pat on the back instead of criticism for this selfless move, and honestly, he should receive some heartfelt thanks from Kristen too.

Do you think Rob will hurt himself more by calling a truce with Kristen on the red carpet?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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