Kim Kardashian Freezing Her Eggs Is Better Than Putting Them All in Kanye's Basket

Kim KardashianThe Kardashians were all about the babies on this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. We saw Kim encourage Khloe to face her fertility fears and see a specialist with her, and while they were there, she wanted to get checked out too. They both want to get pregnant, only Kim said she's not ready for a baby yet, she just wanted to evaluate her fertility and possibly freeze her eggs as she's hearing that clock tick.

"Am I missing my time?" she wondered.

My first thought was that for someone who's just 31, it seems a bit premature (according to a study last year, the average age a woman freezes her eggs is 37.4), especially because she and Kanye West appear to be headed down the road to marriage. It would be more understandable if she wasn't dating anyone seriously and had no prospects for a long-time partner.


Then, I thought about Kim and her romantic history, and I decided that freezing her eggs might be one of the smartest things she can do if she wants a biological baby of her own someday.

She doesn't exactly have a great track record at commitment ... for long anyway. So while she and Kanye may be going strong now, he could be long gone tomorrow. Maybe she knows herself well enough to know that there's a big chance they'll be done before his seed is sown. That saying about putting all of your eggs in one basket seems especially apropo here.

Or maybe, even though the doctor gave her a clean bill of health, she's preparing for the possibility that when she is ready, it will still be a struggle. Knowing how painful it has been for Khloe may make her want to do it "just in case."

More and more women are freezing their eggs, both celebrities and non celebrities, and at all ages. Rabbis have even recently encouraged single Orthodox Jewish women to freeze their eggs at 38 to prevent a population decline.

And while it's amazing technology, it's no guarantee that you'll have a baby when you choose to use them. Plus the cost -- roughly $10,000 -- is prohibitive for many who don't have the Kardashian cash.

The biggest downside I see for Kim, however, is Kris Jenner somehow getting involved here, and finding a way to make some money off of Kim's eggs. I don't doubt for a minute that she's already pondering some scheme.

Would you freeze your eggs if you were in Kim's position? Do you think she should?

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