6 'Glee' Spoilers That Make It Hard to Wait for the Premiere (VIDEO)

Glee The premiere of season 4 of Glee is so close I can almost taste the slushie. Is that cherry? Blueberry? What? Where was I? Oh, right, ready to dive into the spoilers for Thursday's premiere.

They left us with one heckuva cliffhanger back in the spring, what with Rachel headed to New York and Finn to the military, and we've heard some pretty crazy things already about what Ryan Murphy and the crew have cooked up for Glee season 4. Kate Hudson as nasty NYADA hag, Sue Sylvester having a baby, and the return of Unique are givens. But what else is going to happen? Spoiler alert; we got 'em! So raise your finger in the shape of an L on your forehead and dive in Gleeks!


1. Brittana is on hold. We already knew that Santana was headed for college while Brittany was stuck in high school, but here's the really bad news: Ryan Murphy is keeping them apart ... at least for the first episode. They're going to be make do with Skype sessions, and we'll have to make do with Brittany's interpretations of them (which are bound to be hilarious!).

2. Mercedes is coming back! There isn't much news on exactly what Amber Riley will be up to, but it's official: Mercedes and Mike Chang will be enlisted to "help" Artie this season. Unfortunately it doesn't look like that will happen for awhile. Mike at least isn't slated to come back from the Joffrey Ballet until episode five and Mercedes is definitely not in the first episode.

3. We get a look at Puck's family. The bad boy of Lima has been a bit of a mystery, but we're about to meet his little (half) brother! Jacob Puckerman is yet another bad boy being played by a cutie named Jacob Artist, and get this, Puck doesn't actually know he exists. Yikes! 

4. Kurt is headed for New York. So he didn't get into NYADA. So what! Rachel needs him, and Blaine is going to let him go ... and tear our hearts in two with a performance of "It's Time" (get out your hankies!).

5. Finn gets competition. We've already heard about Brody (played by the delicious Dean Geyer) who will befriend Rachel at NYADA. But now Lea Michele is admitting this guy is the first one to really represent competition for Finn ... and after seeing him half naked, we can see why. Sadly Finn isn't expected to show in the first episode to take him on.

6. The "Call Me Maybe" cover is fantastic ... and right here! Check it out:

What do you expect will happen during "The New Rachel"? Is your DVR set yet?


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