OJ Simpson Supposedly Added Khloe Kardashian to His Will Because, You Know, She’s His Daughter

khloe kardashianThink you have Khloe Kardashian's paternity all squared away? THINK AGAIN. After Kris Jenner admitted in her book that she had tons of affairs while married to Robert Kardashian, rumors started swirling earlier this year that Khloe, who was conceived during the time in which Kris was getting her extramarital on, is actually O.J. Simpson's daughter. The National Enquirer, America's bastion of truthiness, claimed that Khloe looks just like O.J.'s daughter with Nicole Brown back in January, and now there's more.

The Kardashians may have laughed off the rumors months ago (well, Kim laughed, Khloe became an insomniac. LOL?), but now, NOW, there's a fresh new rumor to get everyone going. Sources say that O.J. has amended his will to include his biological daughter, Khloe.


We all know that Khloe's refused to take a DNA test to prove, once and for all, that she's Robert Kardashian's daughter, but you have to wonder if she'll reconsider now that there's yet another rumor about her lineage.

All anyone can hope for at this point, really, is a Khloe Simpson spin-off where she visits Daddy Juice in jail. They can sit on the phone, separated by bullet-proof Plexiglas as they talk about how hot it is outside, and what it's like being tall. Maybe Rob and Kourtney will show up to the Nevada prison to support their half-sister, but please, we all know Kim won't be there -- as we saw in last week's episode, Kim's all too happy to lose some of the sister baggage so that she can "do her own thing. With Mom."

I suppose only science will tell whether or not Khloe is indeed a Kardashian, but if O.J. really did change his will, then, hmm. Perhaps Khloe is, in fact, part of the Simpson family.

After all, O.J.'s famous for being an upstanding guy who always tells the truth, right?

Do you think the rumors hold any water?


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