Tara Reid Gets Drunk & Knocks Over a Motorcycle -- Take That, Lindsay Lohan!

tara reidOof. Wait, nobody saw that, right? Nobody saw a wasted Tara Reid take out that parked motorcycle in St. Tropez, did they? Sadly ... yes. Not only did somebody see the toasted Tara flat on her back in a girl-motorcycle sandwich of sorts (bike between two layers of sloshed girls in short dresses), somebody took out their cameraphone and videotaped the whole mess. (Because, wouldn't you? Oh, yes, you would too.)

That's right, the troubled actress is back in the headlines, this time for being a fall-down drunk (literally -- and yes, again). But really, who can blame the girl? Once the undisputed Queen of Sloppy Starlets, Reid is now in danger of losing her throne to Lindsay Lohan and/or Amanda Bynes. What to do?!


Get plastered and knock over a motorcycle, obvs. What else?

Although I must say, after carefully scrutinizing the video footage, I honestly think Tara might have wiped out because of her wobbly brunette pal. I mean, that girl doesn't even have shoes -- Tara Reid still has her sandals on, at least. And it's pretty impressive how she magically pops up without missing a beat! Though I guess she's had some practice. Even more impressive? Her boobs remain under wraps the entire time!!

Still, if Reid really wants to stay in the running here, I can only hope that once she staggered aboard that yacht she found some jewelry to steal. Or took over as captain and plowed the boat into a pier. Because honestly, Tara? Knocking over motorcycles is kind of ... amateur hour, if you know what I mean.

Still, nice try. Nice try, Tara.

Do you think Tara Reid is jealous that Lindsay Lohan is getting all the attention?


Image via Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

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