A Prince Harry Sex Tape Isn't Worth the Outrageous Amount His Dad Might Pay for It

prince harryPrince Charles will go to great lengths to ensure the world doesn't seen his youngest son's penis. See, there's this rumor going around, saying that there aren't just still photographs from Prince Harry's wild night out in Sin City, but also, there's a video -- a sex video. (I know.)

God only knows what's really true at this point, as rumors be abounding, but some say -- some -- that Prince Charles is currently crapping his proverbial knickers, in fear that a Prince H sexy time tape is going to surface -- and that it won't just contain the prince; it'll contain the "hookers and cocaine" he was partying with, too, that fateful night.

But the craziest thing of all is the ungodly amount of money he's supposedly willing to fork over to keep this shit under wraps.


Ten million dollars is the number that's being thrown around out there -- $10 million. That's ... completely insane. I mean, I understand it would be bad for the royal family if the world were to see the video version of Harry's Vegas antics -- especially if it does contain hookas and blow -- but really, is anyone honestly going to be floored beyond belief if a vid were to surface? We'll watch it, yeah. But be floored? Doubtful. Wills, I get. I get forking over a massive amount of cash for a Prince William sex tape. That would floor the world. But this is Harry were talking about, guys. Harry, who once thought it was funny to go as a Nazi for Halloween. Harry, who's already been busted for smoking weed. Harry, who was just photographed giving a random chick a naked bear hug. I mean, seriously, Charles, save your money.

Personally, I doubt that such a video exists. If it did (and it hasn't yet been destroyed), we would have seen in it already. That's a hot commodity right there. No one would still be hanging on to such a thing. Although, I guess if Charles is willing to pay $10 million, who knows? Maybe they're holding out. What's $5 million more to the royal family?

Do you think this video exits? Do you think $10 million is too much for a sex tape?

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