Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Prove Hollywood Can Keep a Secret (When It Wants To)

Blake Lively Ryan ReynoldsI have to say, my predominate thought on hearing about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's super top-secret hush-hush oh-no-they-DIDN'T wedding over the weekend was this: wait, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were dating?

Worst. Entertainment. Blogger. Ever.

Anyway, aside from my vague surprise that they were even hooked up in the first place, as the details about the wedding keep trickling out, I'm downright amazed they managed to keep their wedding plans on the QT. I mean, it wasn't exactly a low-key affair (hello, Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine performed three songs at the reception!), so how did the couple make sure their big day wasn't bombarded with paparazzi?

Short answer: they wanted to. Take note, Hollywood.


First of all, they picked a non-L.A. venue. When it comes to keeping something under wraps, location, location, location! (In fact, it seems to me that's the most important element in living a halfway normal existing as a celebrity -- buy your house somewhere other than southern California, for crying out loud.) Lively and Reynolds chose the Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina, for their wedding, and who would have guessed that? Not TMZ, apparently. Score one for privacy!

As for securing their marriage license, which is usually a public document, in Los Angeles County you can reportedly get a marriage license from a notary public. Records aren't sent to local clerks for another week or two, which may have minimized the chances of the information leaking ahead of time.

Lastly, according to those all-knowledgeable "sources," Lively and Reynolds planned the affair like a military operation. Supposedly most of the arrangements happened under fake names, and those who had to know the couple's identity signed NDAs. There are also rumors that some of the guests had no idea what sort of event they were attending, having been tricked into thinking it was a delayed birthday celebration for Lively.

Who knows how it all really went down, but the point is, if a high-profile Hollywood couple really wants to keep something secret, they can. I feel bad for the tabloid scrutiny celebrities live under, but this just goes to show that it's not impossible to retain some semblance of privacy even when photographers are being paid to stand around LAX/The Ivy/your driveway asking you stupid questions.

Well done, Blake and Ryan! And now that I know you're actually a thing, congratulations! I'm certain you will make some very attractive babies.

Do you think more celebrities could keep things out of the tabloids if they really wanted to?

Image via cmjcool, David_Shankbone/Flickr

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