Kylie Jenner’s Green Hair vs. Kris Jenner's New Boobs: Which Scares You More?

kylie jennerIn case you blinked and missed some of the latest Kardashian news, allow me to catch you up. Kylie Jenner wore a green wig for her half-brother's ex-girlfriend's fashion show, and Kris Jenner got new boobs and won't be satisfied until every member of the family motorboats her. Between Kylie's runway look for Avril Lavigne's Abbey Dawn show and Kris' new and improved rack, it's hard to stay focused on anything else.


Let's start with Kylie's transformation. The 15-year-old beauty had the honor of not only walking in Avril's show at New York Fashion Week, but she also closed it -- an exaltation reserved only for the best model in the show. Kylie looked bright and happy, despite wearing those terrible Abbey Dawn clothes, and Instagrammed a photo of herself backstage wearing a green wig styled in a messy top-knot. While I'm not a fan of Avril's collection -- it's the worst of mall rat, skater, and Wet Seal combined -- Kylie seemed like a proficient and professional model. What a mature young lady -- good for her. 

Kris, on the other hand, could learn a thing or two about appropriateness from her teenage daughter. After the momager had her breasts augmented, it was all she could do to restrain herself from thrusting her scared, stitched up bosom into the shocked faces of anyone who came within five feet. The zip zip zip of her tracksuit jacket was a warning to those nearby that she was readying to expose her hooters. Those who didn't heed the alarm got a face full of post-op fun bags.

Ah, new hairdos and augmented boobs -- the stuff Kardashian Jenner dreams are made of.

What do you think of Kylie's modeling and Kris' boob job?


Photo via KylieJenner/Instagram

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