Morgan Freeman Is Dead Again… But Don’t Tell Him That

Seriously?! How many times
are they going to kill me?
Die hard Morgan Freeman fans, whoever they are, can tuck away the Kleenex and peel themselves from the inevitable marathon of his most notable bodies of work on Lifetime or AMC. (That’s right, slide Driving Miss Daisy back into the vault. Please.)

Those internet hoaxsters trying to hustle the 75-year-old actor to the grave have been at it again, but like a silver-haired superhero, he keeps bouncing back and proving he’s alive and well by walking a red carpet or doing a voiceover or releasing a statement of some sort. Morgan Freeman is not dead. Meaning he is still alive.


It seems like folks love a good celebrity death to awwww over, and poor Mr. Freeman has been on the wrong side of rumors about his mortality too many times here lately. If you recall, he was supposed to be dead back in 2010, when Twitter and Facebook lit up like the Broadway strip with condolences and public boo-hoos about his alleged passing on, initially reported by a fake CNN tweet.

I’m sure he checked his own pulse, just to be sure, when he logged on to update his status and saw his newsfeed jam-packed with comments about him being heaven-bound. Sheesh. Dude has shafted death more times in real life than he has on a movie set. Perhaps a remake of Die Hard starring Morgan Freeman is indeed in order.

A rep for the Freeman camp assured that Morgan (and his sparkling white veneers) rest in the arms of safety and good health, and we can all move on to the next false rumor sparked apparently by people with absolutely, positively nothing more interesting to do online—or in their lives—than to select random celebrities to start death hoaxes about.

Has a celebrity death rumor initially sucked you in?

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