Record-Breaking Box Office Weekend Ruined Date Nights Everywhere

You know how some weekends you look at the movies that are playing and you sort of mentally shrug and choose something that sounds just okay because the pickings aren't that great? And then there's a weekend like this last one, where you look at the movies and you visibly recoil, because yeeeeeeeeesh?

I was in the midst of asking our babysitter if she could come over on Saturday night when I decided to scan the theater listings, and my big Dinner and a Movie plans got immediately downgraded to Just Dinner, Actually, Because Holy Crap What a Bunch of Lame Garbage. As it turns out, I was hardly the only one unimpressed by the What's Playing? list -- this was the worst weekend at the box office in over a decade.


I know, this isn't exactly the most thrilling entertainment news in the entire world -- THIS JUST IN: WEEKEND PASSES, PEOPLE BUSY THEMSELVES WITH NON-MOVIE ACTIVITIES -- but it's kind of interesting, especially when you consider the last time a weekend's ticket sales did this badly was two weekends after the 9/11 attacks. When the only big new release was Mariah Carey's spectacular pop poopfest, Glitter.

The top movie from the weekend was the horror flick The Possession, which pulled in a paltry $9.5 million. That's spare change compared to, say, The Hunger Games, which made a jaw-dropping $155 million back in March, but it's unusually low even by non-blockbuster standards.

Apparently September is historically crap for movies, since studios have exhausted themselves with big summer releases and are gearing up for the holiday films, but it must be embarrassing to have your new romantic thriller be part of one of the worst box office records of all time. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Bradley Cooper. I'm just saying, maybe if it was called something a teensy, tiny bit more interesting than The Words, a reviewer wouldn't have referred to it as "cinematic Ambien."

Anyway, there's good news for those of us who are hoping for some bigscreen escapism next weekend, either with or without the kids. Finding Nemo is being re-released, this time in 3D, and there's another one of those sorta-awful sorta-awesome Resident Evil movies on the way. Otherwise, there's always DVR'd re-runs of Honey Boo Boo. (What? I MISS GLITZY.)

Did you notice it was a particularly bad weekend for movies? Did you manage to see anything worth the ticket price?

Image via Bob B. Brown/Flickr

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