Kristen Stewart Gave Liberty Ross a Beautiful Gift No One Else Could

liberty rossLiberty RossForget Robert Pattinson. Liberty Ross, scorned wife of Rupert Sanders, is coming out of the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal looking better than anyone. Why? Well, one, she's been keeping the lowest of pros, allowing the media to paint her as this kind/loving/amazing/world-changing/mythical/magical woman of sorts. (And maybe she is? Who knows! She hasn't spoken!) And, two, she just sashayed down the catwalk at the Alexander Wang show for New York Fashion Week. That's, like, mayjah in the world of fashion. Errybody wants to walk that coveted walk. Love-gone-wrong really suits this mom of two. Sashay! Shantay!


-RuPaul, 1993.

So, was Ross asked to walk in Wang's show because of, you know, her sudden, probably-unwanted "popularity"? I'm sure that had something to do with it, but who cares? How many people get to get back at a possibly-soon-to-be-ex by appearing in a really high-profile show during New York Fashion Week? Answer: Not many!

Liberty is an unbelievably gorgeous woman with a fiercely cool British sense of style, but, let's be honest, fashion designers weren't exactly banging down the woman's door the past few years. Sure, she modeled and acted some, but how many people knew her name before "the incident" happened? Answer: Not many! If a career-boost is a side effect of this ri-god-damn-diculous mess, then so be it. No one deserves it more than her. Work! Turn to the left!

What do you think of Liberty's appearance on the runway?

Image via Fernanda Calfat/Getty

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