Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds' Wedding Has Ryan Lochte Drowning in a Pool of Tears

ryan lochteNaturally, lots of people are going to be disappointed that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got married in a top secret hush-hush wedding over the weekend. It's too much good looking to handle! No, people like Scarlett Johansson and Leonard DiCaprio are probably bummed out because their once-lovers (and spouses) are officially off the market for good (at least, Hollywood "for good"), and now there's really no chance of reconciliation. Oh, and this guy I used to work with is probably disappointed also, because dude had a serious crush on Blake. Yeahno, he didn't have a chance with her, but still. I feel bad for the guy. I should call him.

Ex-lovers and ex-coworkers aside, though, the person who is going to be most crestfallen of all at these nuptials ... is Ryan Lochte. Boy is obsessed with Blake Lively.


Just one day before Reynolds and Lively wed, Lochte told People that his number one crush is none other than the Gossip Girl star herself. He said: "I have a huge crush on Blake Lively. She's drop-dead gorgeous. I haven't met her yet. If I do, I'd definitely be starstruck. She makes my toes curl." (Side bar -- kind of "interesting" that Lochte fancies Lively so much, as he's stated that his other celeb crush is ... Carmen Electra. Random.)

So, yeah. We can add the Olympic swimmer to the list of peeps who are disappointed that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are off the market. It's okay, though. Despite Lochte's being cute and in peak physical condition, I don't think he ever had a shot with the bombshell either. Reynolds trumps Lochte any day of the week. Sorry dude.

Lochte vs. Reynolds: Go!

Image via nrcphotos/Flickr

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