Joaquin Phoenix's Comeback From 'Crazy' Is Already, Well, Crazy (VIDEO)

Joaquin Phoenix master

Joaquin Phoenix is baaaaaaaaaaack, folks. To acting, that is. Not rapping (thank effing gawd -- I'm still trying to erase my brain's memory of I'm Still Here). But don't expect that Phoenix's comeback to be super sane or anything (he never seemed all that sane in the first place). For one, in his well-hyped upcoming movie The Master, he's playing a psychologically scarred World War II veteran who's being coaxed to join a Scientology-esque religious movement led by the genius himself Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

And if Phoenix's performance doesn't look amazingly crazy enough (wow wow wow!), then how about this? At the Venice Film Festival, there was reportedly all kinds of arguing about wanting to give the film a gazillion too many awards. Good problems to have, right? However, the arguing was then followed by a 'revoked' Golden Lion award. What???


I guess it's more silly than crazy once you hear what happened.

The Venice Film Festival is the world’s oldest film festival and brings in lots of top dog film folks. The winners at this festival are often viewed as Academy Awards predictors. In other words, it's a big frickin' deal film festival.

The Golden Lion, the VFF's top award was reportedly set to go to The Master, but the prize was then revoked on a silly technicality. Apparently, in Venice, they're into being really fair and sharing the wealth of such film awards, and so they have rules to prohibit any one film from sweeping all the top awards. Hmmm, must be a European thing, all this nicey nice. I mean, if it's good enough to win them all, then let it win them all!!!

So originally the jury was going to give The Master the Golden Lion, as well as the Silver Lion directing award to Anderson and the acting award jointly to Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman. (Really? Ay carumba, now I really can't wait to see this movie!). However, festival rules said Not so fast, suckers! and they had to rejigger the wins to make it fair or whatever. So The Master still walked away with three awards, just not that coveted Golden Lion.

Director Paul Thomas Anderson responded to the snaffoo by saying, "I’m thrilled with whatever they want to hand over. I heard the scuttlebutt recently, but I’m thrilled with whatever we got."

And he's thinking Hells Yeah, all this hubbub just gave my film all that much more hype. Woohoo! Oscars, here I come!

Watch amazing The Master trailer here:

Does all this arguing about how many awards The Master can win make you want to see it?

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