If Rihanna & Chris Brown Are Getting Back Together, Can Someone Please Tell His Girlfriend?

Chris Brown Karrueche Tran
Chris Brown and girlfriend Karrueche Tran
I don't know WHAT'S going down with Chris Brown and Rihanna, but it sure is something. After their little kiss at the VMAs (and Rihanna's playful "I'll see YOU later" head rub), the speculation about the former couple's reignited romanticalness started swirling again. And it was swirling pretty good even before that with Rihanna's "love of my life" declaration about Chris to Oprah, as well as their secret meetup this summer in St. Tropez, which she also confirmed on Oprah.

I guess they can do whatever they want, but there are just a few problems with them getting back together: 1) Chris beat the shit out of Rihanna last time they were together (but Rihanna has forgiven him and still loves him ugh ugh ugh). Oh, and 2) Chris Brown has a girlfriend, aspiring model Karrueche Tran (shown here in this photo), whom he has been reportedly dating for about a year. Sigh. The girlfriend is always the last to know ... 


Unfortunately for Rihanna's self worth, I don't think Brown's violent past or his girlfriend are going to get in the way of this freight train if it's started rolling again. Toxic love makes even the best of us completely powerless. However, is someone, you know, going to give Chris's girl a heads up or what?

According to a source at Us, Karrueche Tran "felt the kiss was a public slap in the face" and is "totally pissed off" about her boyfriend's kiss with his ex-girlfriend who just recently professed her ongoing love for the jerk on national television. Oh, I can't imagine why she'd be mad, oh no. And to add insult to injury, Brown decided to go to the awards show at the last minute after a text invite from Rihanna, and he didn't even tell Tran he was going. Where there's smoke (and lies and deception), there's fire (and lies and deception) is what I always try to remember. 

It breaks my heart to think Rihanna will go back to Chris (unless he's sober and they've both been getting a shit-ton of therapy -- but ha, what 20-something does that!!?); however, what will be will be. People gotta live their lives, make their own mistakes, sometimes a few (thousand) times. I just hope his girlfriend finds out he's back with Rihanna before we do.

Have you ever gone back to boyfriend you knew for sure was bad news? What happened?


Photo via @karrueche Instagram

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