'RHONJ' Star Melissa Gorga's New Single Doesn't Make Us Wanna Puke, So There's That (VIDEO)

melissa gorgaThe Countess always says that money can't buy you class, which may be true, but it can, in fact, buy you a top-notch production team, studio time, and guest stars. Just ask Real Housewives of New Jersey's Melissa Gorga. The mom of three may have the most singing talent of any of the housewives, but that's not saying very much. Kim Zolciak makes my ears vomit and LuAnn makes me want to go on a baby punching spree just to feel alive again. Melissa's not as bad as those wannabes because she realizes that money can solve most problems, especially of the can't-sing nature. Her new single "I Just Wanna" was leaked (but will be available for download on iTunes Sunday), and, if nothing else, the song speaks to the level of commitment Melissa has made to making it as a pop star.


I mean, if she was able to create a song this not-terrible, then she really threw some money at it, and, from what I can tell, nothing says making a commitment quite like spending the dolla dolla bills, especially when you live in Franklin Lakes.

So, you have to hand it to Ms. Gorga. Since she's willing to hire the right people to make her song sound decent, then she at least deserves credit for not being stupid about putting out a dance track. Auto-tune and predictable beats are her best friend. They work like a charm for her.

Final thought? It doesn't make my ears barf or my fists punch infants, so I guess it's OK. Do I want to hear it ever again? Absolutely not.

What do you think of Melissa's new single, "I Just Wanna"?


Photo via ryanseacrest.com

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