Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's Weird Wedding 'Details' Make Us Wonder

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

So get this, everyone. Brad Pitt was in London recently to promote his new film Killing Them Softly and he was nice enough to play with reporters who kept asking him about his upcoming nuptials to Angelina Jolie. And he answered! US Weekly says that Brad, when asked about his wedding plans, said, "No plans yet, other than we're going to do it." He also gave some potentially hilarious "details" of the wedding, suggesting that since George Clooney "doesn't believe in institutions" (or at least the institution of marriage!), he couldn't really be best man, but he could "seat people" at the wedding. Wouldn't that be awesome? Especially if Jen came. And George sat her. And they fell in love ... okay, I'm getting waaaay ahead of myself.


Brad also said that he won't be helping plan the day. "I plan very little as I get older," he said. Oh puhleeze. This from the man who painstakingly designed Ange's ring. He'll be a total Groomzilla for sure.

But do you ever get the feeling that Brad and Ange are like one of those endlessly-together couples who will never get married no matter how much they say they will?

First, Brad made it clear that he and Ange wouldn't get married unless everyone (including gay people) could. Then he started talking about how the kids wanted them to get married, so maybe they should. Then it went back to that they were still hoping they could do it when everyone could. And now he's saying there's still no plans, but that they'll do it. It's like watching a tennis match. So damn exhausting.

My guess is, that with six kids already, Brad and Ange don't feel a burning need to get married this minute. And both have been divorced before. Another reason to not want to pull the trigger and have to deal with a big mess if they ever decide to split. Hey, if Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are splitting, anyone can!

I'll believe that Brad and Angelina are about to get married the minute they stop talking about it. And on a side note, how funny will it be when Brad's raging Republican mom meets up with George and all those Hollywood liberals? Can you say awk-o-ward?

Do you think Brad and Ange will ever take the plunge?


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