'Mad Men' Rick Astley Cover Is the Perfect Fix for Don Draper Withdrawal (VIDEO)

mad men christmas party screenshotA bizarre thing happened to me just this past Sunday night. I felt like something was missing. Like I had forgotten to do something. Eat dinner? Do laundry? Go grocery shopping? Nope, no, nuh-uh ... Hmm. Oh yes! Turns out it was that I was missing Mad Men! It's been a few months now since season five wrapped up, but I was still longing to turn on AMC and get swept back up into the '60s with Don Draper and the SDCP crew. So this is how it feels to go through Mad Men withdrawal!!

But then, I was saved by the Internet. (Of course!) Some genius -- who was similarly must be going through withdrawal -- made a totally crazy, entertaining, now viral video of the Mad Men cast "rickrolling" -- aka singing Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." And of course by "singing" I mean it's a compilation of one-word clips from Don, Peggy, Joan, Betty, etc. -- a la Obama's version of "Call Me Maybe." Awesome.

You know you wanna check it out!


Ha! I actually can't decide if this video actually helped me get my Mad Men fix or made me miss the show even more ... It's so random! Also, can someone please tell me why whomever created this seemed to only use clips of Peggy when she was "fat" aka pregnant?

Ahh well. At least I don't feel so alone anymore with my withdrawal symptoms. This is clearly proof that others are just as sad about having to wait for the season six premiere! In the meantime, I am so going to get the DVDs and watch those dance scenes over again. LOVE!

Does this make you even more psyched for season six?

Image via AMC

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