Kim Kardashian's Boobs Defy Law of Gravity in Astounding Cut-Out Dress

kim kardashianHonestly, I wonder if Kim Kardashian has a deal with the devil because only evil powers could be holding this dress together. Kim is in New York for Fashion Week and stepped out to the launch party of DuJour magazine wearing this black and white dress. There are so many cutouts and so much boob that, seriously, only Lucifer's invisible web of red silk threads could be holding this on. Look! There's nothing connecting the front and the back. The dress is backless. How are her enormous breasts staying up so high?

Other than my obvious fascination with Kim's ability to defy gravity, I'm also very curious what Kanye West thinks of this little number. I thought he went and put all her "ghetto" clothes on eBay. Guess he missed one?


If ever there was a dress to purge from Kim's closet, it was this one. Sure, her rack looks colossal, but man, I tell ya, the dress reads more "science project" than it does "sexy." I'll say it again, I'm baffled by her ability to kick sand in Newton's face and keep her big boobs up so wondrously perky. 

Before this mistake of an outfit, Kim was looking gorgeous. As in, better than ever. We'll let that leather outfit to go get ice cream in Hawaii slide, but other than that, she's been looking polished and pretty. I thought it was because of Kanye, but now, I'm not so sure.

If this dress was KW approved, I think we're aaaaall back to square one. Lucky us.

What do you think of Kim's dress?


Photo via Splash News

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