Jennifer Aniston ‘Nose’ How to Drive Her Man Away

justin therouxIf Jennifer Aniston, really, honest to goodness, asked her fiance Justin Theroux to get a nose job before their wedding, I'd have half a mind to stalk a bitch and pinch her ear until she concedes that Justin is perfect just the way he is. Some sources claim that Jen wants her man's sniffer shaved down before their big day, but come on, there's no way that's true. OUR JEN WOULDN'T DO THAT. But! This little rumor does raise an interesting point about asking your partner to make a change. Not like, please change your socks, our cats are starting to suffocate and die, but you know, a bigger change, like to their personality, or their looks. Is it ever OK?


In the fictional case of Jen vs. Justin's Nose, no. You can't just go around saying you're going to love someone for better or worse, then be like, oooh, yeah, about that nose. First of all, it's rude. Second of all, love the guy for who he is, not for who you think he could be. Third of all, nose jobs don't affect the gene pool, so your kids aren't going to "benefit" from your husband's plastic surgery. And fourth of all, have you seen Bruce Jenner? Male nose jobs are really hard to pull off.

Studies have found that couples who fight have healthier relationships, so if your spouse is doing something that bothers you, it's best to speak up. But when it comes to who he is, as a person, and what he looks like, if he's healthy, I think it's off-limits to criticize. If he was that unpleasing to you in the first place, maybe you shouldn't have married him, and maybe you should talk about a split.

But hey! Look at the bright side. There are still tons of things you're encouraged to complain about. Putting the laundry next to the laundry basket, but not in the laundry basket? That's not who he is, that's just absurd, and that can be rectified.

What do you think about, say, asking your fiance to get a nose job?


Photo via david shankbone/Flickr

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