Kristen Stewart Shows She's Too Sad to Sort the Laundry

kstewMan, Kristen Stewart just can't get enough of wearing ex-boyfriend Rob Pattinson's threads in public! She just wore his "IRIE" t-shirt and a gold ring he gave her at the airport in Toronto. She's been photographed wearing the ring, his hat, and even his backpack since the big scandal broke. What does it mean? IS THIS HER WAY OF TELLING ROB SHE WANTS TO GET BACK TOGETHER???

No, of course not. This is just what happens when couples split: Confusion in the That's Mine This Is Yours department. I mean, how do we even know that's RPattz's t-shirt and backpack? Maybe they were Kristen's all along and he just borrowed them from her. Either way, I think it's something a lot of us have done after a breakup.


Rob and Kristen shared a house together, after all. Kristen likes the tomboy look and probably wore Rob's stuff all the time. When it came time to move out, she was probably too distraught or whatever to sort out what belongs to who. She just grabbed shit out of her drawers and ran. And then she's been too distraught or whatever to even notice what she's wearing when she gets dressed. "Oh here's a clean-ish t-shirt. I'll just wear that." Can't you see that happening?

Sometimes in a relationship, if you're sharing a lot of your stuff and you don't have major boundaries, it's easy to get confused about what belongs to who. It all starts feeling more like communal property. In fact, I wonder if some of Rob's clothes became Kristen's because she liked them better. Don't we all have a t-shirt or hat that used to belong to a husband or boyfriend but that "became" ours?

Some breakups are so horrific that you'll ditch anything that even remotely reminds you of your ex. But others are more ... eh. That's probably how Kristen feels. She misses Rob, probably. She doesn't mind having crap around that used to belong to him. And you know Rob doesn't want that dumb t-shirt or backpack back. If anything, the message Kristen is sending is that she's moving on.

Have you ever kept stuff that belonged to your ex?


Image via Splash News

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