Camille Grammer Deserves the $30 Million She’s Getting From Kelsey (VIDEO)

camille grammerAfter her husband Kelsey cheated on her with a much younger woman, Camille Grammer can finally dry her eyes -- with hundred dolla bills, yo. Girl is making out like a bandit in their divorce. Sources told TMZ that the Real Housewives star and her ex are thisclose to coming to a settlement -- and Camille is thisclose from walking away an ungodly rich woman. A property settlement is apparently in the process of being reached regarding the couple's homes, and once it is, Camille will be balling to the tune of around $30 million. 

Hot dog! That's a lot of spray tans and blonde highlights. But before you go thinking, "Well, that's not very fair, being that he's the one who worked for the money," put this in your pipe and smoke it: When Camille and Kelsey got married, he was broke. And she was the one who took over their finances. I know.


Despite his having made millions on Cheers and Fraiser, Kelsey's booze and booger sugar problem (and subsequent bad decisions) left the actor in financial ruin. Supposedly, it was Camille who took over the couple's finances in the beginning, making her partly responsible for there being such a giant chunk of money for the two to now split.

So, does she deserve $30 million, even though she probably won't do anything profoundly life-changing with it and isn't the person who technically worked for it? If this story is true, hell yeah she does. And let's not forget, Camille also was with Kelsey when he was battling his addictions, and the couple has children together. She was a huge part of the actor's life, and it sounds like a big support system. Why shouldn't she make out like a bandit?

That said, though. $30 million. Dang, that's a lot of cash.

Do you think Camille deserves this much?

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