Robert Pattinson Will Be Forced to Face Kristen Stewart at MTV VMAs (VIDEO)

breaking dawn teaser previewTalk about life imitating art -- or is it art imitating life? Hearts will burst -- doves will cry, people -- when Robert Pattinson presents 90 seconds of previously unreleased footage from Breaking Dawn: Part 2 at the MTV VMAs tonight, and not just because Taylor Lautner will be standing beside Pattinson in place of Kristen Stewart. (Who will be in Toronto making out with some old dude promoting her new film, On the Road.) You know what's really going to sting?

Watching poor brave Robert introduce that Breaking Dawn: Part 2 teaser trailer, that's what! They should just go ahead and call it 90 Seconds of RPattz Being Forced to Re-Live the Ecstasy of True Love & the Agony of Betrayal. Because that's what it's gonna be!

Even the words on the screen say as much ...


Of course I've only watched the teaser trailer's teaser trailer, but that was all I needed to see to know the level of emotional brutality awaiting RPattz. It's almost as if the producers went out of their way to pour copious amounts of salt in their leading man's deep emotional wound! (Hmm, ya think?) Why else, in between glimpses of movie scenes (aw, Edward and Bella look so cute and domestic!), would these words flash across the screen?

"The end of a saga begins."

C'mon, guys! Was that really necessary?! How would you feel if, after being cheated on by the love of your life, somebody forced you to watch a PowerPoint presentation of your happiest moments together (in front of millions of people)?!

Taylor Lautner better be prepared for a long night of post-awards show bromantical hijinks, that's all I have to say. I'm thinking shots, strippers, and repeated "you're better off without her, man!" reminders.

Check out the teaser trailer's teaser trailer and you'll know what I mean ...

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Do you think Robert Pattinson will break down watching Breaking Dawn?

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