Pippa Middleton Needs to Pull a Prince Harry if She Wants to Move to America

Pippa MiddletonLook out America -- everyone's (second) favorite British gal may be making a move across the pond and planting roots down in New York City. Pippa Middleton was spotted apartment hunting in the Big Apple this week, or at least that's what people assume she was doing when she was seen entering a residential building with a realtor in tow.

And since there has been speculation for a few months now that Pippa is planning to relocate to New York from London, it sounds like this move may actually happen. But if Pippa wants to successfully fit in with the NYC crowd, she's going to have to make a few changes. And she should start by taking a few notes from Prince Harry on how to get chummy with the locals. (Yes, I'm serious.)


Ok, so I'm not exactly suggesting that Pippa should jet off to Vegas for a wild weekend and strip down for the cameras or anything like that -- but she does need to let go of the prim and proper thing if she's ever going to adjust to the hustle and bustle of living in one of the most fast-paced cities in the world.

For one thing, she needs to prepare herself for getting used to late dinners and nights out on the town, because she'll never make it if she spends most evenings holed up in the privacy of her apartment all by her lonesome self. And honestly, something tells me the party vibe in New York was one of the major elements that drew Pippa to the city in the first place. Nobody will expect her to act like the sister of a royal once she gets here, so she'll have all the freedom in the world to let loose and have a good time like a normal 29-year-old. (Yay!)

And if she really wants to be embraced by all of us royal-gossip obsessed folks in the U.S., she'll think about inviting Prince Harry to come for a nice long visit. The trouble those two could get into together is almost too exciting to think about. (Can't you even imagine the media frenzy? Ugh. I really don't want to get my hopes up.)

Do you think New York is a good place for Pippa?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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